Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visit with the Hendersons

We had a good time tonight eating pizza and watching "Night at the Museum" with the Henderson Family (actually Stacy and I talked the whole time!!!). They are from Florida and are adopting a 13 year old boy. They hosted him Christmas 2008 and last summer. Our girls knew him from the plane ride over. He is a very nice boy who speaks very good English. He has a 13 year old brother waiting for him at home. I am sure they are going to have tons of fun together! What a blessing to be able to meet this family and spend time. We are planning to keep in touch and compare notes about our transition time, especially the education part. Stacy is a teacher, too.

We have court in the morning! The girls are supposed to wear the dresses (very casual ones) I brought. Becca said "okay, mommy" and Isabella said "no, I will be cold". We will see if there is a fight at 8:00 am when we have to wake them up (4.5 hours earlier than they rolled out of bed today!). We better get them to bed and ourselves, too!

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