Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 More Full Days...

Okay, so our time is winding down, but not fast enough! We want to send lots of love to Ryleigh right now because she is at home crying and very hurt that she was left out of her basketball games tonight. We had asked several people to keep my mom informed of what was going on (because things seem to change all the time) and I guess everyone forgot (or they are leaving her out on purpose). She found out from one of her teammates that they have 2 games tonight. She called us after school and we were trying to help my mom get a hold of someone, with no luck. So, she is very aware that nobody cared enough to call and let my mom know where and when the games were. It is so frustrating!!!!! I know that our feelings are all going to be more on edge because of our current situation, but I had hoped that things could be pretty normal for Ry while we were gone. This has not been a very pleasant basketball season for us. It's sad that the idea of a "team" is completely lost and they are only in third grade. Please pray for all of us to move on...

We did lots of skyping today! The teachers and kids at Bright Beginnings called us! What a bunch of cuties! It was so sweet to see them and talk to them. They came up with some good questions and then some of them just told me what was going on. Some of them just said I love you! Which really warmed my heart! I am so blessed to work at BB! I can't wait to bring the big girls in to meet everyone! Thanks for getting everything
set up today, Danielle and Lenita and anyone else who helped! It was great to see the people I am used to seeing every single day!

We had a pretty lazy day here. The girls went to bed in the wee hours of the morning, so they slept until almost 1:00 in the afternoon! We walked to Double Coffee to eat and then to the grocery store to pick up enough stuff to make it to Friday. We talked to Mrs. Dickerson's class today, too. They seem like such an awesome group and I know they are going to make the girls feel so welcome. What a blessing! Isabella gets so shy and won't really talk to them, but Becca seems to really enjoy it! She is trying to learn the kids' names and is very excited there are lots of soccer players!

Tomorrow will be our Visa Interview at 11:00. Daina will pick us up at 10:30. I had some trouble with the paperwork that we were supposed to fill out. It was super confusing to me and I am pretty sure I messed it up. I will show Daina first thing and see if she can help. It was another example of being reminded that this is not like a China adoption where your guide walks you through every single bit of paperwork and you always know what to expect!

The girls get more excited every day about what is waiting for them at home in Lebanon... "Ryleigh, Reagan, grandmother, grandfather, school, church, Maci, Christmas presents, new rooms". Their smiles light up the room when they talk about it. 2 more full days and then we will be on our way to a new life!


  1. I was thrilled to be in on the BB kids' skype conversation with you and we're so ready for you all to be home. Praying for Ryleigh and all of you, knowing that it sure tugs at Mom and Dad's heartstrings when the see their kids hurting! She will grow from this, but it's a very hard thing to endure (for all of you). Have a safe trip and we'll be ready for big hugs!!! Love you, Lenita

  2. I am so behind with my blogging. Brody man has been sick so I am two day behind. Addie came home from school and was so happy that she got to see Ms.Kristen. She told me that she missed you so much. She told me not to worry that you would be back soon with your "big" girls :) I am glad that you got to see all the happy faces.. I know that they all miss you!!! I can't believe that you guys come home tomorrow... Yay!!! I can't wait to see you all together again... Lots of love & prayers ♥♥