Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Well, I didn't post yesterday because there wasn't much to say about the day, except we did finish the 1000 piece puzzle! We all worked together for the last several days to work it and we did it!

The girls got their visa photos taken yesterday and daddy and Becca went earlier and picked them up. They are super cute! Becca says "America, today?" I wish. They are not wanting to be here any more than their mom and dad! We had a little bit of a scare the other day. When I was putting the girls to bed we were talking about their Latvia mom and their sisters. Then Becca told me that they saw their older sister's boyfriend at the store the other day. What????? I was really nervous. They said they turned and went away quickly. I had a moment of panic that they would try to take the girls or that they were following us. It just seemed to much of a coinidence that he would be in the same small store at the exact same time as us. Anyway, we talked about what to do if they see someone they know when we are out. I am so ready to get them away from all these bad memories. It seems so stupid to make us "bond" here where none of us are comfortable or happy. Have I mentioned I am ready to come home???

It is snowing again, probably another inch already and it's still coming down. Second verse, same as the first...

Brenna emailed me messages from my preschoolers yesterday! It was awesome to picture them in my mind saying the nice things they said. So sweet! I miss them so much! I know they are in good hands. I can't wait for the girls to meet them!

Tomorrow is Reagan's 5th Birthday! I am so sad to miss seeing her on her special day If you see her give her a hug for me!

Daina and the social worker lady will be here in about an hour and we have the apartment all clean. The girls are super helpers, especially Isabella. We are all praying that they will help us find a way to leave earlier, even a day early would mean only a week left. I asked Tim if is was too early to start packing... he said "yes".

Okay, I'll have Tim post some pictures now.

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