Monday, February 22, 2010

Successful Court!

This is what Latvia has done to Tim!
Dressed for court, early in the morning!

Mommy and Becca, so happy together!

We made it up early today and everyone was ready by 8:30 for court. The girls even put dresses on without arguing! They looked beautiful! Daina picked us up at 8:40 on the dot and we headed to the Orphan Court building. We had to wait out in the hallway for awhile and then they called us in, but told the girls to stay out in the hall. Our interpreter from the first court date was there to translate. They started with the formalities of introducing everyone and stating what the purpose was, blah, blah, blah... Then they asked us several questions about our time here and what we have been doing, how we feel about the girls, our plans to leave Latvia, how we communicate with them, what our education plan is for them, how we feel our other children we react to the girls being their sisters, etc. We answered everything and they seemed satisfied with what we said. They asked Daina if she had anything to add and she said a lot of really nice things about what Aina (foster mom) had told her about how the girls felt when we told them our plans to adopt them and about their feelings about the time they spent with us. (During the time we were in the courtroom, we could hear the girls laughing and goofing around in the hall! It turns out they were taking silly pictures of eachother! ) Then they asked us to leave and they had the girls go in. Later, Becca told us they asked about our time together and if they were ready to be in our family. She said Isabella wouldn't say anything, so she did all the talking! This is how is usually is! They called us back in and gave the verdict that we could indeed have custody of the girls and bring them to America! Hooray! We thought this was a for sure thing, but it was still a little bit scary thinking that they had the control to make the girls stay here. So then we had to stop in the social workers office because the girls had messed up a few things on the paperwork they signed last week when they visited us at the apartment. It took Isabella 4 tries to get the form filled out right (we are suspecting that she needs glasses) and Becca 2 times. We waited patiently for them to be done. Daina gave us a packet of forms to fill out. These are the first forms that will have their new names on them! We will get them done and give them to her on Wednesday when we go to our interview for the girls' Visas at the U.S. Embassy.
Tomorrow is a free day. We did a lot of packing tonight. The girls got super excited and started getting everything packed up. They cannot wait to be home in their new rooms. They look at the pictures on the computer and get so excited. They are anxious to open their Christmas presents that have been waiting for them!
Three of us took a nap this afternoon to recover from our very early morning, early when you don't go to bed until 2:00! Becca watched tv instead of taking a nap... that girl has more energy than anyone I have ever known! I think she is going to be a superstar Soccer player for the Lebanon Yellowjackets!
We ate dinner with the Henderson's again. We made spaghetti, bread, and salad. It was good food and nice company! Then we all watched G.I. Joe. The girls loved all the action and I think Tim has been happy to see a couple of non-chick-flick movies here!
Our time is winding down here and the excitement is definitely building! We can't wait to step off of the plane in Springfield!

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