Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let the Bonding Begin

We have had a great day! We all slept late. It was the best night's sleep I have had in over a month! When I checked on the girls this morning they were all crooked and crazy in the bed! It was funny! After breakfast (honeynut cheerios and cocoa crispies!) we all got ready. Agnese let me blow dry and straighten her hair, she looked so pretty and happy! Daniela on the other hand didn't want to have anything to do with having her hair fixed! She looked beautiful anyway! They were cute picking out their clothes. I could see Daniela looking at everything and making comments. She laid everything out on her bed, even her shoes and coat and decided on the outfit. I was surprised she didn't pick the sponge Bob sweatshirt, maybe she is saving it for a special occasion! Agnese didn't hesitate, she grabbed the wild animal print outfit that I knew she would love!

We ventured out in the cold and snow and walked to the Maxima grocery store. We found papertowels, napkins, and a few more groceries. The girls wanted to buy a movie (even though we have no way to watch it here) so we got Spiderman cartoons and Zorro (the one with Antonio Banderas). We got Ryleigh and Reagan a little gift, too. It's pretty easy to shop, most things that we buy at home can be found here and there are not too many weird things. The girls were really helpful telling us what things said and asking for things we couldn't find.

On the way back to the apartment we walked through a park and fed all the ducks and birds some crackers. The girls really enjoyed that and we took lots of pictures. We let them have their own camera and they have taken a ton of good pictures!

We cooked a good lunch of chicken and some noodles, salad, and oranges. I got some laundry done, dishes done, and the trash taken out... so life is pretty normal!

We painted, worked puzzles, and played volleyball with the big balloon. They are watching Batman in Russian right now. It's the first time the tv has been on. They seem to like it. Tim is cuddled up with Agnese, which is an awesome sight!

When we were eating the girls were talking in Latvian and Tim kept saying "English, please" so they would try English. This happened several times and then Tim and I were talking and Daniela said "Latvian, please" it was hilarious!

We talked to the little girls when they woke up this morning. They seem to be doing well! I am so thankful to have the chance to see them and talk to them every day. Thanks, Mom, for taking such good care of them! The big girls are ready to come swimming in America at Grandmas house!

We have the first visit with the social worker in the morning and then Daina will take us to a mall. We need to find the girls some gloves and backpacks for the trip home. We would like to find some souvenirs for people, too. We are planning on going to Jurmala on Saturday with Andrea (she used to teach at the Lebanon Jr. High with Tim and lives in Latvia now). This is a coastal city so we will get to see the frozen Baltic sea. It will be fun to go somewhere different.

We keep talking about the experiences of yesterday and about the kids that we were left behind. Tim already emailed some people about this story, but I will post it, too... One of the little girls (in the group pic from yesterday, she was the one being held on the left) is available for adoption and a Russian couple came to "look at her" a few weeks ago. Aina said that the woman was really snobby and rich. She walked in all dressed fancy and told the little girl to turn around. She wouldn't hug her or get close to her, but looked her all over and then said she didn't want her because of her teeth. Aina was so mad. She is such a sweet little girl and she was crying so hard saying good-bye to our girls. I feel so sad that there are people who can be so judgemental to such an innocent child. Aina said she couldn't believe that this couple even got approved as adoptive parents and I would have to agree. She really loves all the kids and has worked so hard to teach them manners and how to be helpful. This little girl would make a wonderful daughter and she deserves a family!!!!!!!!!! If anyone is thinking about adopting when you read blogs like this, you should really start praying about YOUR child. I know that God has a family in mind for little Liene, could it be YOU?

As much as I really want to come home and start our new life with our 4 girls, I feel like the things we are experiencing change our life in so many ways. We are definitely out of our comfort zone a lot of the time, but I think that helps us grow! It is fun to be here with the girls and not be super busy, like normal life! I really miss the little girls, but I don't think the experience would be quite the same. We will try to make the most of our time in Latvia for the sake of our new daughters!

Love to all from Latvia!


  1. Love this update! Thanks for keeping us in the loop so we can see God's hand working in so many ways. Sweet little Liene...we know God has a perfect plan for her, as He does for all of us. :) We miss you but continue praying and rejoicing with you!!!

  2. Sounds like a great day! I'm glad you are having some "normal" bonding time with the girls. The pics are great, as always. So I take it Daniela is more of a tomboy? :)
    That awful woman sounds like Cruella DeVille! Poor Liene, I hope she finds a happy and loving Forever Family soon.
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.
    Praying for all of you!