Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Bump in the Road to Ethan

It's taken me a few days to blog about this because I have tried to put it in the back of my mind or I would probably be crying non-stop.  But, I figured since this is really about documenting our adoption journey for Ethan to read someday, I guess I better include the crappy parts, too...

So, last Thursday, which was Day 70 of our wait for LSC, I was meeting with a parent who was interested in bringing her children to Bright Beginnings.  My cell phone rang and I had a feeling I better see who it was (totally and completely against the rules for BB staff and probably very unprofessional).  It said "Great Wall" so I started to flip out and explain to the parent what was going on.  Luckily Kelli was in there, too, so she explained while I answered.  I didn't get to it and while I was freaking out trying to figure out how to call it right back, it rang again and I did answer it.  I had jumped up from my desk ready to do a "happy dance" only to hear the words "We got word from China that your paper work is in Review and they need more information..."  I felt so deflated.  Then she explained that I needed to get a letter from my doctor explaining that even though I am overweight I can still parent this child.  Are you kidding me????  Did they miss the part in my homestudy that says what I do for a living?  Whatever.  So, embarrassment is starting to take over my entire being.  I wrote down everything she was saying in her condesending and business like way.  Anyway, long story short... I got our friend Andy to write the letter, as he is a Nurse Practioner at the office where I had my most recent doctor's visit.  He did it in a matter of an hour from the call and got it faxed for me.  No problem.  Praise the Lord that I am surrounded by people who #1 love me and understand me #2 go the extra mile unselfishly #3 (and most important) who love God and serve Him in all that they do.  My friends at BB lifted me up and helped me put things in perspective.  They don't judge the situation, but support my family and our adoption.  So blessed!

So, now we keep waiting and I have to push the worry out of my mind that China could deny us our son because I am fat.  I really am trying to give it to God and to know that  His timing is perfect.  I would appreciate your prayers for this situation and for Ethan, as he waits for us.  Thanks!

Our Small Group hosted a Kid's Night In/Parents Night Out on Friday night for our Micah 6:8 project.  We had around 50 kids!  It was a huge success!  We all had a good time and it was a wonderful team effort.  We kept the kids very busy and I think they all went away with smiles and their faces!  It was a blessing for us to bless the parents of the church!  Ryder Rhoades asked at the end of the night if we could do it again next Friday.  Had to burst his bubble and say "no!".  We are so thankful for the friends we have made in Small Group and the kids we get to minister to! 

Looking forward to our Enrollment Carnival at BB this coming Saturday.  It is always fun to meet new families!  Praying for good weather.  Glad to have this event to keep me busy while we wait, wait, and wait for another call...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Few Pictures of Ryleigh

That's my girl! Becca took these pictures of Ryleigh for me because I missed the last game because I went to the Women of Joy conference. I love her game face! So proud of her!

No news about Ethan :( Trying not to feel frustrated after reading another blog today which had a family's timeline and the wait for their LOA was less than 60 days. UGH! Trying not to obsess, but it is so hard! Maybe Day 69 will be our lucky day...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Drinking From My Saucer Because My Cup Is Overflowing!

This title is a quote from the Women of Joy conference I went to over the weekend. It was one of the may things that really made me stop and think and reflect on God's goodness! I can sit around and whine about not getting the call about our LOA, or I can keep focused on the many blessings that surround me! Yes, it is so hard to wait, but if I claim to trust God's timing, I have to truly trust that Ethan will be in my arms at just the right time. Of course, it doesn't hurt to keep praying that God's timing will be SOON!

I am ready to see how this little guy is going to change all of our lives! Each of our children has been a special blessing in their own unique way and they have taught so much. I am looking forward to watching all the girls interact with their brother! Becca helped me arrange his clothes in his closet tonight. We got everything on his red hangers facing the same way in size order. I just felt a little desperate for a connection to him and that's the only task I could think of to do in his room! I have to say we are accumulating a lot of super cute boy clothes. Hopefully he won't be much bigger than an 18-24 month size. I love looking at all his shoes lined up, too!

Like I said, we are waiting for our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) which is the official referral that matches our family with his file. This has been UNofficially done for several months now, but nothing can move forward until it is official. LOA letters do not get sent in the order agencies mail families' dossiers, so there is not much of a way to predict when you will receive it. They say anywhere between 30 and 120 days. How's that for narrowing it down? We are on day 66. We have seen three families lately who got there's around day 62-65. I really thought it would be last week. Everytime the phone rings at Bright Beginnings I get butterflies. Good thing I work with supportive women who put up with my anxiousness!

After we get the LOA package (which is overnighted to us the day our agency receives it), we will file the U.S. immigration paperwork that asks for permission to bring Ethan home. Then there's some more paperwork and then we will wait for TA (Travel approval). Supposedly once our LOA gets here it will be about 10 weeks until we travel. I was hoping maybe our Gotcha Day would be on June 14th because that is my grandad's birthday, but we have more than likely missed the chance to travel that soon.

We had a blessed Easter. Isabella, Becca, and Reagan all participated in our church's cardboard testimonies during the service. It was so emotional. I was so proud and thankful to God for changing my life with these three amazing daughters! Feel free to watch the video, but get your kleenex ready!

I love how we all have a "God changed Life" story!

Ryleigh's basketball team ended up winning 2 games! Considering we were an all girls team playing against all boys, we were ecstatic when the girls were able to beat the Stoutland team and one of the Lebanon teams. It was a great season! The girls never, ever gave up and they had so much fun. It was a pleasure to help coach them and watch them improve. They are an awesome group of girls with fantastic parents!

Becca and Isabella are running track. I am so proud of Isabella for trying so hard. She may not win any races, but she gives it her all. I told her that as long as she does her best, she has nothing to be ashamed of. Becca has gotten several 2nd place medals in hurdles, relays, and the 100. Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as Isabella.

Hoping to post about our LOA very soon. We would appreciate your continued prayers for our family! Thanks!