Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Lovin' It!

Okay, for the record, McDonald's in Latvia tastes exactly like McDonald's in Lebanon! And yes, we love it! Go ahead and make fun all you want... we love McDonald's!!!!!!!!

We shopped at the "open air" market again yesterday. Not much fun because it is super cold, super yucky slushy snow to walk through, and ridiculously high prices for everything. We didn't buy anything and I was starting to think I would never find souvenirs for the little girls!

We also had a little bit of "school" yesterday. I gave the girls some math sheets to do and some writing activities. Isabella had a little attitude about it, but it was a good time to bring up how school will be in America. We explained that she has to do her best and not get frustrated. She needs to learn that it is okay to ask for help. She straightened up and did really well! They like writing their American names! Becca tries to work really fast and get things done. She will have to learn that everything is not a race! It was a great time of talking about the future. Isabella is excited about art class and Becca can't wait for Lebanon Yellowjacket soccer!

Today we went to the movies and saw Toy Story 2 in 3D. The girls have never been to the movies in Latvia, but did go in America with their host family. It was a great time and they absolutely loved it, especially the 3D. We looked hilarious in our glasses! The theater was awesome, with the most comfortable seating ever. We also ate at TGI Fridays. It was super delicious and our waitress was so nice! She was talking to the girls in Latvian and then she said "Your girls promised you would come back and eat here again!" We just might have to do that!

We have court on Monday at 9:00. Daina will pick us up at 8:40. This could pose a problem because our time schedule has been go to bed between 1 and 2 and get up between 10 and 11. So, we will probably have 2 grouchy kids. Hopefully they will still say they want to come home with us! Please pray that the judge will say that the girls do not have to come back on the 2nd trip. It's so much money for the tickets and it seems so pointless to make them travel all that way. Daina says it is totally up to the judge. I believe in the power of prayer and would appreciate everyone mentioning this to God for us!!! It is really stinky that we have to come back two more times. Tim will probably be the one to travel and I will stay home with the girls. It's depressing to even think about it...

We visited with the Hendersons (from Florida) today and will hopefully get together in the next few days. They will be here all next week. too. Tim is teasing the girls about liking their son, Dominick. He is pretty handsome!

Tim found some photos of the girls birth mom on the internet. There is a site in Latvia that is kind of like Facebook and Becca has a page. Tim did a search and found her. He showed them and they were surprised, but didn't have a sad reaction. It's so strange to see her. She looks like the kind of person she is, if that makes sense. Don't want to say too much, but please pray for her to get her life on track. And please pray for the girls to have closure with that part of their life. Although she is the woman who gave birth to them, she has never been a mother, like I know they deserve. I don't want the girls to ever think it was their fault that she doesn't love them or never took care of them.

Okay, now I will post pictures!

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