Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Natives are Restless

Tim is going wild with these girls, they are breakdancing, having dance-offs, and sliding across the floor in their socks (ending with a crazy pose). Daina and a lady from the court came (different one than last time) this afternoon. They talked to the girls about what we have been doing and if they are liking our family. Daina asked if they were ready to go to America and Becca said "tomorrow". She laughed and laughed. I told her we were all ready to go and she seemed sympathetic that it is such a long time. However, our hopes of leaving any earlier were pretty much squashed. We have court on Monday morning, nothing Tuesday, Visa interview on Wednesday, and pick up the visas on Thursday, leave on Friday. We need to find a couple of things to do in the next few days, to pass the time. We finally met the family from Florida that is staying in the same apartment complex as us. They are adopting a 13 year old boy that they have hosted twice. Daina visited them before us, so after we were done, she brought them over to us. We are planning on getting together with them and possibly going to a go-cart/video game place.

While the court lady was here, she talked to the girls and asked if they were sure they wanted to be adopted. Becca said "Yes" really loud before she even finished. Again, Daina laughed and laughed at her! The lady had the girls write out a statement that they are wanting to be in our family and why they want to be adopted. The lady told them that we will care for them while they are children and then when they grow up and we are old, they will have to take care of us. We have been joking around and acting like little old people and saying "Take care of us" the girls are cracking up! Daina also gave us the translated book that the social worker read to us that first day of court before we got the girls. It tells all the contact they have made with their mom and all the times they were taken away and where they were. It tells about each of their siblings, who have all been taken away and adopted (we believe by Latvian families). It gives the history of what places they have lived each time they were taken away from their mom. It talks about how living with Aina saved them and helped them so much. We will forever be grateful to her for putting their lives on the right track. There is no way they could have been in the hosting program if she wouldn't have been in their lives. Thank you, God, for Aina.

Daina helped us order pizza for dinner and it was so good. The girls ate a whole pizza in a matter of minutes! We had seen a delivery guy and thought it was just a mirage like when you are in the desert and you see water! Daina said that it was easy to order, just dial 1822! We were like "yeah, but we don't even know our address!" She did it for us! Tim also made some apple juice ice cubes that are a yummy little treat. We miss having ice. We try to keep making ice in our little ice tray, dump it in a bag, and make more. the girls make the funniest faces when they eat the AJ cubes!

We feel good that one more day is over. I am sure tomorrow will be hard, thinking about our little Reagy rooster celebrating her birthday without us. We love you, Reagan and we are sorry we are missing your birthday.

I'll try to get the pictures posted of the crazy dancing!

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  1. What a joy it is to see you all having so much fun, and it sounds like you're making the best of the situation and having a ball being silly together. :) Daina must be a real blessing! Brenna came in with balloons, etc for Reagan and I saw the "spaghetti on the table" pictures of Ryleigh. :) Looks like your little girls are having fun, too, and I'm thankful God has given them special activities/occasions while you are gone. Pryaers and hugs...ALWAYS! :) Lenita