Friday, August 31, 2012

Ethan Update

While we anxiously await news about Ethan, we are trying to have a normal life.  I am so blessed to work in a Christian environment with great Christian women and families who have been amazingly supportive.  Being back around all the sweet kids has been very helpful.  Even though it is hard to see the toddlers that are the same size as Ethan, I love them all to pieces and am glad I am getting back into the groove.  One God moment was when Ms. Megan brought the Mini-Monkeys in to give me some Welcome Back balloons (made out of paperplates and pipecleaners) that they had colored pictures on.  Precious Boone told me that he drew a picture of me looking at a rainbow because that is God's promise.  I teared up and hugged that sweet boy so hard.  I love kids!  What a perfect reminder of God's promise to never leave us or forsake us.  He's with us through all of this heartache, waiting, and uncertainty.  I also came back to work to brand new carpet in my office!!!! Most of you probably have no idea what a fantastic gift this was!  All the teachers worked with Dave and Kevin to give my office a much needed and appreciate make-over.  Awesome!

So, we are still "discussing" our refund with GW for all those fees we prepaid and didn't use.  I am praying (and ask you to join me) that God will speak to their hearts to do the right thing and give us a refund.  Mainly because we need it to give right back to them to travel again.  It is absurd to me that they are expecting us to believe that they gave all of our nearly $9,000 to a "vendor" in China to distribute to guides, drivers, hotels, etc.  Since the last 9 days of our itinerary never happened, those guides, drivers, and hotels didn't get paid, so where is all that money?  Haven't gotten a straight answer yet.  Again, I am praying that GW will make an exception and help us out with this matter.  I understand it is a business and the money is supposed to be nonrefundable, but our adoption is not like any other and requires a little bit of extra compassion and understanding.  I am hoping to see this situation bring out the best in everyone involved.  Please continue to pray about this.

And now the best news...  we did get an update on Ethan today. GW found out that he has been in Nanjing since the 23rd, which was the day after we left Nanjing :(  .  He has not had surgery and the doctors decided they wanted to wait until he was older, like 2 1/2.  Which is still 6 months away.  He is stable, with a heartrate of 55.  GW agreed with us that we should try to bring him home for another surgery, so they are working to figure out if he is stable enough to travel.  The plan is to work with Half the Sky and the China Care Home (look those up if you are interested because they are both amazing organizations that do wonderful things for orphans and China) in Beijing to move him there.  They have excellent people working there that can take care of him until we are allowed to go get him.  Everything still has to go through the CCCWA, but hopefully people will keep advocating for what is best for our little boy.  I just want to be the one who comforts him and we want so badly to be a part of his healthcare decisions.  I know God is the one who ultimately heals and we trust that He will be with each and every doctor, nurse, nanny, and person that is with Ethan.  God will guide their hands, hearts, and minds as they make decisions about how to care for him.  There is so much comfort in that. 

I am trying not to be anxious about thr trip back to China and bringing Ethan home.  I am not a very good traveler and that long plane ride is tough.  To add to it a medically fragile two year old is very stressful, so I am praying for the best possible route and an easy trip home.  I wish we could afford to pay for a doctor to go with us!  None of our girls will go with us this time, so I will have to coordinate their schedules and all that again.  This is a time to ask for help from family and friends and I am definitely getting better at admitting we need help.  Thank God for all the people who volunteer to help in so many ways!

We discussed with GW some of the special needs that we are comfortable with so they can begin looking at baby girl files for Reese.  It is exciting to think about completing our family with two China sweethearts.  And then we are done.  All the seats will be full in our vehicle and around our table.  We are so blessed!  Please be in prayer for us as we work with GW for the perfect match for our family. 

I am feeling so thankful for my husband today.  We were talking about how much we have been through and how this isn't at all what we dreamed about when we met and got married.  God has definitely made our lives exciting and wonderful and He has helped us through some very hard times.  I can't imagine going through any of it without Tim by my side.  We have had to lean on eachother in the last two weeks like never before and I love him more than ever for working so hard to help our family stay positive and move forward.  He has been smart, sweet, and strong through everything, but especially when I was being irrational, emotional, and weak.  I pray that all of my girls will be able to find a husband like their daddy and I pray Ethan will grow up to be just like his daddy.  Pretty sure I don't deserve him!

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  1. Giving thanks for these small steps forward and the support you are receiving. Love, hugs & prayers :)