Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Counting down hours...

This journey to our son has been a long road, but we are finally at the counting down hours stage, rather than months, weeks, and days! There has been so much to do to get ready to leave and while I know God's timing is PERFECT, I have had to wonder why we are leaving for China as soon as school is starting. The summer has flown by and I feel bad that my girls didn't get to do much of anything. I worked more at BB than I ever have in the summer and feel guilty about it now. Things have been so stressful getting things ready and feeling like there's so much last minute stuff! It is going to be a good feeling to be on the plane, knowing that I can breath a sigh of relief, even if I'm not leaving everything as perfect as I want to. I am so blessed with friends that are stepping in and making sure the beginning of the school year goes well at BB and also all the wonderful people who are helping Isabella and Becca adjust to HS. I think I am more nervous than they are! They don't have any classes except ELL together, so they are going to be on their own for the first time in their lives. It will be good for them, I think. I pray that they will make some new friends and enjoy their new classes. It's hard to believe that Reagan is starting second grade! I remember taking her to the class parties when Ryleigh was in Mrs. Bechtel's class and she always made herself right at home! She has some great kids her in class and I know it is going to be a super year for her! (Even missing these two weeks) It's equally hard to believe that Ryleigh is a sixth grader! She also has some great kids in her class and is looking forward to being at Hillcrest, even though she still misses Mrs. Starnes! We have been praying for our little Ethan, specifically that he will immediately feel safe and loved by us. Everything in his little world will be changing and I just want him to be able to be comforted by us. I'm afraid that the girls will be disappointed if she doesn't play with them right away. They are wanting it to be like playing with Caysie and the other kids his age at BB. I tried to pack toys that would encourage bonding, but realized I had too many packed, so I had to take a few things out. It's so hard to know what he will be interested in. I did buy a bag of suckers because his last update said he likes candy. Not sure why he gets candy when he's not even two years old, but hey, whatever might work, I'm gonna try! He has a pretty cute Spiderman toothbrush to scrub all the sugar away! I'm kinda bummed because I looked at our travel itinerary and noticed that the flight home is actually 15 hours. That is a looooooooong flight, especially for a not quite 2 year old. Prayers for that flight specifically will be very much appreciated! Mostly I am just ready to go. I am tired of thinking about so many plans, packing, paperwork, fundraising, longing for my baby, and wondering what our new normal will be like. It's going to be a crazy time, but I can't wait!

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