Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day should be one of my favorite days of the year since being a mom is one of the biggest blessings I have ever received from God.  But I kinda feel like I do on Valentine's Day.  I don't really need a holiday to let Tim know I love him and I don't need a holiday to celebrate being a mommy.  I try to do that every day.  I don't like watching Tim try to find the perfect gift and worrying about making the day something extra special.  I enjoyed the waffle maker that I got and the hand made cards from each of my children.  I loved having my parents come for lunch.  I loved church this morning and hearing a beautiful testimony of a special mom who God chose to parent a daughter with Down's Syndrome.  I love being a mom, every day!  Besides, what I really wanted I couldn't have and that is my son home safe and sound in my arms. 

The wait is at this point making me very anxious and full of anxiety.  I feel like we can't make any plans for summer until we know something and it is looking more and more like we won't travel in June or July, which means the beginning of school, which for our family is a really crappy time.  Yes, I know God's timing is perfect.  Yes, I do pray for His will to be done.  I just sometimes need to whine about it!  It's where Ryleigh gets her whining from... ME!  No wonder it bugs me so much!

We have now had 5 failed attempts at getting new pictures of Ethan.  Two families visited the orphanage last week and the people in charge (actually one lady in particular who has earned the name Nasty Ni) would not let them see Ethan.  They make all these excuses.  Here's a thought, I am going to give a mandatory $5,500 donation to them, how about they give me a stinkin' picture.  It's all so stupid and ridiculous.  The people who are high up in the Chinese government have no clue how adoptive families feel.  They don't even have the same emotions as us.  People in China learn to live in a society that is so completely different than ours.  You have one class of people that can't even think for themselves, who have no options in life whatsoever, but are strangely that nicest, most generous people you will ever meet.  Then you have the officials who care nothing about people and about love and compassion.  Of course, these are my opinions based on my experiences and I am really being stereotypical here.  But it's my blog and I can!

Tim and I had the distinct honor of attending the Orphan Summit 8 last week.  It was so amazing!  This year it was held at Saddlback church in Southern California.  What a blessing to be in the presence of so many of the best advocates for orphans in the entire world.  Oh my goodness, Saddleback is an amazing place!  It's a community in and of itself.  I loved being there!  I did miss my kids, but it was a fanstastic opportunity for us as the Adoption Ministry Leaders at LifePoint.  We came back with so many ideas and resources and we are excited to share them!  We are ready to continue to be used by God to help orphans find their mommies and daddies.  We have been blessed to be a small part of His plan for many families in our area and I love watching God's plan play out.  We have children adopted from China, Latvia, Kazahkstan, and Ethiopia at our church and more to come from China, Thailand, and Ethiopia.  Not to mention foster parents and domestically adopted kids.  So proud to be a part of the Lifepoint family and to have my children grow up in a church that is centered around LOVE!  Love for eachother, love for God, love for orphans, love for the poor, love for the lost, love for the Word! 

The school year is winding down.  I am sad for Ryleigh to leave Mrs. Starnes.  She has been a phenomenal teacher!  Ryleigh has had a fabulous year.  Reagan on the other hand is ready to move on.  First grade has pretty much been a bust for her.  So sad :(    And then there's Isabella and Becca, who are moving on to the High School!  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!  So scary!  I am praying that the transition will be smooth and they can stay away from all the bad things that the HS has to offer.  Hopefully we know enough of the teachers that we can have "eyes" on them! 

Hopefully my next post will be about FINALLY getting our LSC from China.  If not, it will probably be me whining about it!

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