Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tim called me this morning in the middle of a very busy time at Bright Beginnings to tell me we got our update.  At first it didn't register, then he said something about him being so cute and then I realized what he was talking about!  Of course, the internet wouldn't work in my office, or the sanctuary, so luckily Janice, the church secretary let me use hers.  THANKS a million to her for dropping everything so I could get the pictures!  Kelli and Carsyn were with me and I love that they got to share the moment with me!  We got 5 pictures and the answers to all of our questions that we sent several months ago and then had to wait for May 1st to offricially request the update.  Anyway, I may be a little biased but I think he is a cutie pie!  He is growing and looks so healthy and happy!  In one picture he is sliding head first down a slide with a huge grin!  That's my favorite one!  Tim's favorite is one where he is standing in the corridor of the CWI looking very handsome!  He is wearing boy clothes, but not the ones we mailed.  He seems to be right on target with his measurements and milestones.  Not really sure what they meant by it but we asked what words he was saying and their answer was "dad, take me home".  WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?  He surely doesn't say that and if he does, someone would have had to have told him to say it.  Or does he just somehow know that the best daddy in the world is so ready to come get him and he's ready to come home!  Who knows.

They sent a picture of his hydrocele and it appears to be gone!  Everything seems normal with that part of his body, except he has a tiny wee-wee or as his paperwork says "hiding cock" (oh my!).  Hopefully that is not a big deal.  I tried to ask Tim if he thought it would be since all this boy-part stuff is new to me and in typical Tim fashion he said "I never had to worry about it".  SHEESH, what did I expect :)

Sad week at Bright Beginnings, saying good-bye is never easy.  I love the kids so much and we have had the most fantastic year!  It has flown by and so many great memories have been made!  I have been extremely impressed with the amount of progress each class has made and the amount of work the teachers have put in to making this year so awesome has been extreme.  How blessed am I to be surrounded by such amazing women!  It will be an emotional pre-k graduation Thursday night for sure.  I know some mommies who are going to need lots of kleenex!  I just pray that everything the kids have learned about Jesus stays with them forever.  I wish I had recorded some of their sweet prayers.  Kids are so real when they pray, I love it! 

Hopefully the next post will be good news about our LSC coming! 

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