Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 100

This a really stinky milestone... Day 100 of our LSC wait.  UGH!  I have found a lot of comfort and support from a Winter DTC Facebook group.  Yes, I am actually looking at FB, excpet it's on Tim's account so he can let me know if there is anything going on.  Although I am pretty addicted to looking now for myself.  I find it very frustrating to know there are so many mommies and daddies waiting for their children and so many precious children waiting unnecessarily for their forever families.  Weird how a situation can be comforting and frustrating all at the same time.  Love that we have people who truly understand but hate that others are going through the agony of not knowing anything.  All I know is God must really be preparing all of us with lots of patience for a reason.  I am sure my son is going to be one of those naughty kids that end up in the Thinking Spot in my office.  Yeah, I am a sucker for those boys, so that is a good thing!  Ethan looks so adorable in his pictures, he looks like he is going to be a handful.  I might have to be reminded how badly I wanted him home when he is giving me a run for my money! 

School is out.  As I predicted, Ryleigh was full of tears saying good-bye to Mrs. Starnes and all of her friends in her class.  She definitely had the best school year ever!  I teared up reading Mrs. Starnes' letter to the class.  She is one-of-a-kind and I am so thankful Ryleigh was in her class.  I went to Reagan's class for lunch on the last day and it was also as I predicted... 
Becca and Isabella are officially through with Junior High.  We got a letter in the mail saying we need to set up a meeting at the HS to come up with their 6 year plan.  Oh my, that is scary!  They have only been Tuckers for 2.5 years, it's hard to imagine what kinds of changes they have already been through, let alone having enough experience to plan out the next 6 years.  Yikes.  I guess denying it won't help anything!  They both brought home journals that Mrs. Palmer had them write in every day all year.  I really enjoyed reading them, their entries were very insightful.  I will treasure them forever. 

Bright Beginnings finished out a fabulous year!  So emotional to say good-bye to the kids and parents.  Our pre-k graduation was awesome!  The kids were perfectly behaved up on stage and Ms. Bridget and Ms. Tricia did a wonderful job giving out the individual awards for each precious child!  We all shed a few tears!  Pastor Terry gave a great speech to the kids.  All of the BB staff worked so hard to make it a very special evening.  So thankful to the Lord for putting all the right people together to carry out His plan for our school.  Now on to Summer School!  Hooray!

Decided I really need to make a list of "Before Ethan" projects around the house.  Maybe that will help pass the time!  Praying we will know something THIS WEEK!!!!!

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