Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Days and Basketball

Well, we ended up having snow days on Thursday and Friday, which was great! I have decided I function better if I go to bed at midnight and get up at 8:00. Too bad my family has to be out of the house by before 8!

We were only able to play outside in the snow for a little bit on Thursday, it was so cold and I was worried about the girls being out for very long. I think it took us longer to get bundled up then the time we were out. They did get some good sledding in all over our yard, but unfortunately the snow we have is not good for building snowmen.

Ryleigh had 4 basketball games this weekend and they lost them all. It's frustrating for us to watch and we probably complain way more than we should. I am proud of Ryleigh for her heart and for her effort. She takes it so serious, which is probably part of the problem, but nevertheless, I love watching her play. I am anxious to see if Daniela will want to play, too!

We talked to the big girls this morning! They said it is very cold there, school is good, and they are ready to come home. We tried to tell them that we found out who their teachers are (Mrs. Admire and Mrs. Dickerson) but not sure if they understood. We are meeting with the teachers on Tuesday to talk about their education plan. We have a great first impression, as they have talked to their classes about the girls and the kids are excited to follow our trip and get to know the girls. They will both be in 6th grade, on the same team, but different teachers. They will have the same work, but won't be together in class. This will hopefully encourage them to learn English quickly! I know they will do well!

I packed most of Agnese's clothes on Friday! It's so exciting! I also got our list finalized for names. One list with middle names to go with Agnese and Daniela, one list with first names to go with A and D as middle names and the last list is two completely new American names. I can't even begin to guess if they will want to change their names, but we will be prepared whatever they choose to do!

We are hoping we get travel dates this week so we can get moving on getting plane tickets and hotel reservations and we can start to plan all the things that need to be figured out while we are gone. I am imagining what it will be like to see the girls again. I am sure they have grown. I can't wait to hug and kiss them!

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