Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Humbling Experiences and Hillcrest School

Our prayers are being answered in bigger and better ways than we ever could have imagined! First, we have started receiving responses from our Letters of Support and there are no words to describe how humbling and utterly awesome it is to receive the kind of support we are getting from our family and friends. I wish there was a way to adequately express how much we truly and deeply appreciate the gifts we have been given. I hope and pray that someday I can make someone feel the way we have felt when we open the envelopes. Thank you to everyone who has been so generous with prayers and monetary gifts.

We visited Hillcrest Elementary today, where the girls will both go to 6th grade. We met with the principal and both their teachers. They will be on the same "team", which means they will have the same two teachers, but at different times. They will have recess and lunch together, too, and do the same work. I was so nervous about how the girls would be accepted, but now I have such a peace about it. The teachers were amazing and excited about learning more about Latvia. They are going to be so nice to work with! We took pictures of the classrooms and the school, so we can show them on our trip. We all agreed that the sooner they start in their normal school routine the better. We will be using Skype to talk to the classes while we are in Latvia, too, so the girls can get to know their classmates and teachers. I hope they will be excited to go to school in America! They gave us a math book so we could see what kinds of things they are expected to know. I hope I remember how to do 6th grade math!

Still no travel dates. I am starting to feel like we are in complete limbo until we know something! I don't want to plan anything one minute and then the next minute I feel like there is so much to plan for the rest of this month so we can have February free and clear.

And have I mentioned how ready I am to see my girls again?????

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