Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Week as a Family of 4

So, our big girls have been our daughters (at least in our hearts anyway) for quite some time now, but in one short week, we will be leaving for Latvia to bring them home forever! I know there is no way to prepare for doubling our number of kids at one time and adding into the equation that they are 12 and 13. However, I feel like if I get everything clean, that will help! I think I am "nesting" like people do when they are pregnant. I have been grouchy lately because everything seems to be cluttered and dirty (even though it's not!) I know the girls will probably care about as much as their dad and little sisters, but I will feel better bringing them home to an organized environment!

We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday and all the schools let out early, so I did have some unexpected time to get things done. We have our huge list of things to get for the trip and Tim just went out to shovel the driveway so we can get the van out! We have Reagan's birthday party all planned and have a list of supplies and food for that, too! She is so excited and has such an opinion about how things are going to take place at the party. It has really been an easy party to prepare for because she had in her mind exactly what she wanted! Tim is going to play "Ace of Cakes" and make her a cake that she sketched out on a piece of paper!

We are anxious about the travel stuff. I know we can make a long trip, we've done it before, but I am worrying about all the little stuff. Life has been so busy in other aspects, too. We are trying to figure out what to do about Brenda (daycare director) leaving and how to replace her. She is one of a kind and has run the daycare perfectly since it opened. She cannot be replaced, so we are trying to figure out the budget and what we can afford to do. It's all confusing and stressful to me. I want what is best for the families who bring their kids everyday and trust that Bright Beginnings will truly be the next best thing to mommy and daddy. If the budget wasn't so tight, it would make a huge difference! God will work it out (and hopefully while I am gone!!!). We are also have Parent/Teacher conferences and VBS planning has started! I was at church until 9:00 three nights in a row last week! We also have a Children's Ministry Appreciation dinner tonight. I hope I can find the right words to show how much I appreciate all the teachers and helpers, not just as the CM Leader, but as a mom, too! I am so blessed to attend such an awesome church! Being a part of God's family is so comforting.

We found out this week that the Show Hope foundation awarded us a grant! We were elated to finally hear something and to know that we got it makes me love Steven Curtis Chapman even more! He truly does amazing things for orphans and Christian music and he definitely uses his spiritual gifts to give back to God. I am so thankful! This grant will pay for almost all of our second trip (except plane tickets and accomadations), so it is a relief to know that we have that taken care of ahead of time!

So, in less than a month, we will be home and all of our 4 children will be together with us! Please continue to pray that the transition will be smooth for all of us and for safe travels for us. I know the little girls are going to love having Grandma here for so long. They will be spoiled rotten!

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