Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To China or Bust!

The bags are packed, the arrangements for the girls are set, the good-byes have been said to our friends and co-workers.  There's not much left to do to prepare for the gigantic changes that are getting ready to take place at the Tucker house!  I feel like I have been going non-stop for so long, I wanted to take a minute to blog a little bit.

I think Tim and I are both holding back our excitement, not because we think something terrible will happen again, but because we are just being more reserved this time.  I don't want anyone to think that we are not beyond thrilled to be leaving tomorrow, because we definitely are!  Things have gone so quickly with Reese's paperwork and everything has worked out perfectly for us to get both kids at the same time.  Although August 20th seems like a long time ago in some ways, in other ways, it seems like we were just packing and preparing to bring Ethan home.  Now, we have done all the preparations again for him and also for Reese.  Her room is so adorable and I am so excited to have all the little girl clothes, bows, shoes, etc. back out and ready to be worn!  I am so sentimental when it comes to stuff like that, remembering Ryleigh and Reagan wearing those things and the memories certain things bring back.  I am so anxious for Isabella and Becca to be a part of Ethan and Reese's lives.  They missed out on so much in their early childhood, I hope this will be a great way to show them how to love and nurture a child.  I am so ready for all the change, even though I am usually not a person who likes change! 

I am amazed at how God has blessed our family.  I really hope our story is a testimony to how big our God is and how He can do anything.  His love is so much bigger than I can imagine and I feel so not worthy of everything He has given me.  My dream growing up was to have 4 kids and He has blessed me with 2 more because He knows what is best!  There was a time when Ryleigh was an only child and I was so desperate to have another child.  I hit rock bottom and realized that God was there and that He was going to give me the desires of my heart, if I would let Him do His work.  Adopting Reagan had such a huge impact on our lives and the blessings just keep flowing! 

I am still sad that Ryleigh and Reagan won't be with us this trip.  Neither one of them could go to sleep tonight.  They were crying so much and were just so sad, it broke my heart.  I couldn't hold back the tears when we were praying and putting them to bed.  I wish that everything wasn't so expensive and our whole family could just go.  Two weeks is a long time and it makes me physically hurt to think about being away from the girls for that long.  I told them that we were all going through this so Ethan and Reese could be a part of a family and even though 2 weeks seems like it will be unbearable it is what we have to do to give them a mommy, daddy, and sisters.  Everything I said to them, I was saying to myself, too.  It is not fair that our trip in August was wasted and that the girls missed the chance to be a part of Gotcha day and the whole China experience.  But, as the saying goes, life is not fair. 

We got the carseats put in the big van tonight!  It's funny how something so small can be so exciting!  We also got the highchair and booster seat cleaned up and put around the table.  It's going to be crowded, but so much fun to make memories around the table with all 8 of us! 

I am humbled by all the people who have supported us so much in this journey and it's awesome to think about how happy so many people will be to see pictures of our babies with us!  So many people have had a part in bringing these precious children into our family and we are so thankful!  Check back, next post will be from China!

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