Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tantrums and Poop!

Today the plan was to visit a couple of museums, so after breakfast, we met Grace in the lobby.  We were a teeny bit late because our Little Emperor had his first (but definitely not the last of the day) full blown fit.  He didn’t want me to put his milk in the fridge.  He laid down on the floor and kicked the wall and said a bunch of jibber-jabber, he was so mad!  Then he got over it, got in the stroller and we headed to the elevator.  Reese just watched the whole time with a look like “what in the world are you doing?”.  Ethan continued the same “I want my mommy” phase.  Grace tries to hold him and help him with stuff and he says no every time.  He is better with Tim and will play with him, but when it comes to carrying or pushing the stroller, he only wants mommy to do it.  I think it is more of a control thing than that he likes me more.  He does great riding in the stroller.  And Reese is just quiet and reserved.  She doesn’t care who has, holds her or pushes her, but she spends more time with daddy. 

The museum we went to first was a memorial to a war between Japan and China.  It happened in 1937 and lasted 6 weeks.  Over 300,000 Chinese were killed.  Apparently Japan denies it even happened.  The pictures, videos, and displays were interesting, but also very disturbing.  I would not have wanted my girls to see some of the pictures, they were very violent and sad.  Ethan had some big time fits, when I wouldn’t carry him.  We gave Reese a turn in the stroller and I carried him for awhile, but wanted him to walk some, too.  He gets heavy!  He threw himself down and Grace said to just leave him.  Which I would totally agree with if I was in Lebanon!  But I kept worrying that some Chinese person would try to pick him up.  Everyone stares at us anyway, let alone when we have a little fit thrower that we are trying to ignore.  What seemed to work the best is when I walked away and then turned around and put my hand out.  He would jump up and come grab my hand and the fit would be over.  I think he is testing boundaries.  That is the hard part about being here, we can’t really get into a normal routine with expectations and discipline.  Plus I can’t talk to him in Chinese to explain anything.  Grace kept telling him to look at his little sister, she wasn’t throwing fits.  She told him that he should be taking care of her and hold her hand, so he did and we got a few cute pictures of it.  Before we left we visited the gift shop and bought a book.  The ladies working there started talking to Grace.  They must have been asking about us and why we had 2 Chinese children.  They gave us a thumbs up and then Grace said that they said I am a great mom.  I think that I have great kids!  We asked Grace what she thinks people think about us, because we do attract a lot of stares.  She said people are just curious.  They know nothing about adoption so they can’t figure us out.  She thinks only 10% of the population knows about adoption. 

When we left that museum we walked across the street to another one.  It was a brocade place.  It was neat and I could’ve watched the workers all day long, it was fascinating to me.  We walked thru and saw everything there was to see and looked briefly in the store there.  I really wanted to buy Reese something, but we decided to wait until Guangzhou to do our serious shopping.  Ethan’s orphanage gave him some combs that were made in this Province, but we don’t have anything for Reese. 

We decided to head back to the hotel while Grace went to try to find some medicine for Reese.  She still hadn’t pooped.  When we got back to the room she was trying to go and she just cried and cried and tried to push it out.  It was so sad and we felt so helpless not being able to help her.  She was screaming so hard.  Finally Grace called and said she found this tea for her to drink.  We gave it to her and she guzzled it down.  It took about an hour and a half but then it worked.  I have never been so happy to change a poopy diaper in all my life.  It was like 3 poops all at once, poor little thing.  She still acted like she didn’t feel good and didn’t play much.  We gave her more tea at bedtime and can give it to her 3 times a day.  We decided to let her drink it at every meal to try to get things moving regularly!  I think she has been way more reserved than Ethan because she doesn’t feel well and she is also grieving harder than he is.  He has been moved around so much to different hospitals and places, so he is used to getting to know new people.  She hasn’t ever experienced anything like this.  I am praying she will perk up today and we will start to see her personality.  She is so sweet and loves to leave the hotel room.  She eats slow (like Reagan!) and doesn’t explore as much as Ethan.  He does not stop talking and when he is free to move around he gets busy playing.  He is super curious and gets so excited to figure things out.  He colored for the first time and his face just lit up when the crayon made a mark on the paper!  Then he got in trouble because he colored on a book!  He loves to play in the bathtub and figured out that his stacking cups will float if they don’t have water and sink when they are full of water.  He splashes and plays and has a great time.  Reese isn’t too sure about the bath.  I think she gets cold and then doesn’t want to have her hair washed.  But again, I think her tummy troubles are preventing her from really letting loose. 

Both kids go right to sleep at naptime and bedtime.  Ethan likes to have a drink with him, so I have been giving him water.  Neither one has made a peep during the night, so we have all been sleeping really well.  I have been exhausted at night and went to bed at 8:30 with the kids.  Then I wake up at 3:30! 

We feel so blessed to be able to skype the girls at home.  Ryleigh is being a little obsessive about calling us as soon as she sees we are online.  I wish she were here with us so she wouldn’t be missing out.  However, I don’t think any more people or stuff could fit in this hotel room!  I am anxious to pack up to leave on Friday and move on to our next stop.  I feel like we have really bonded with Grace and have enjoyed getting to know her and having her help.  She is an amazing person with a great big heart.   

We are hoping to go to the zoo rather than the tourist place on the agenda because I really want to do something the kids can enjoy.  It’s so different having toddlers!  Reagan was so little when we adopted her, she just went along for the ride, but Ethan and Reese can’t be expected to enjoy museums and stuff at their ages. 

We are so thankful to God for answering so many prayers and giving us these two precious babies.  He is so good!

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