Monday, January 7, 2013

Gotcha Day Times 2!

I am sitting here looking at both my babies sleeping soundly and I couldn't have more love in my heart than I do right at this moment! We have talked about and dreamed about this day for so long and we have guessed many times how it would go and now we know! I'll share with you everything I can remember... It was a long morning because we got up very early. Due to excitement and also falling asleep around 8:00 last night! So we were up and ready and the hours before we left seemed to drag on forever. But finally, Grace got here and we headed to the Civil Affairs office. The traffic was crazy and busy, so it took longer than we thought to get there. When we pulled into the parking lot and got out, I looked at the building to see if we should take any pictures outside and that's when I saw my little guy looking out the window at us. I waved and he smiled and then we quickly went in. His nanny was so nice, I was extremely impressed with her. She pointed to us and said Mama and seemed genuinely excited about the moment she got to introduce us. I sat down on the couch beside him and patted him. It took a lot of self-control to not scoop him up and kiss his sweet face. He was holding a roll in a package and was really more interested in that and looking out the window for awhile. I got some toys out and showed him and he loved the bug that jiggles when you pull the string. He also liked the "That's Not My Snowman" book (a little plug for Usborne Books, Ayra!). He was happy and content but not really wanting us to mess with him for awhile. After a bit, his nanny quietly slipped away to the other side of the room where he couldn't see her. We both tried to interact with him and for the most part he was happy. He let me hold him and play with him while Tim did some of the paperwork. Then Tim wanted me to do the writing on the forms where we put their official American names, so we traded places. Not too long after that, I was standing there looking out the window and I saw two ladies walking up with a little girl in a green coat with a Mickey Mouse backpack on. I saw they were headed to the Civil Affairs building, so I knew it was Reese! We got to video them walking in. She looked like such a tiny peanut! I was equally impressed with her nannies, they also said Mama and she repeated them- it was one of the sweetest sounds EVER! And then she said BaBa (Chinese for daddy) and Reese repeated her. It was so adorable. She had been asleep on the more than 3 hour drive, so she was a little more shy and looked confused. She let me hold her and I couldn't believe the feeling of relief to have both of them there with us! Words cannot describe it! When we had to move to another room to take a picture both of them started crying and it was not a good picture for their red books (official adoption book). The staff at the Civil Affairs and Grace were trying their best to help us get them to stop crying but they were both just wailing. It was sad. When we walked outside to leave, it was like turning a faucet off! They both stopped immediately! Ethan said something in Chinese and pointed and was perfectly content! I guess they were just done with that place! Ethan sat on my lap on the ride to the hotel and Reese sat on Tim's. Grace talked to both of them. She said to Ethan in Chinese "can I hold you" and he threw his hands toward her and said no. It was funny! He is not afraid to say what he wants or doesn't want. Reese was very subdued and just looked around. When we got to the hotel, Grace came up to do paperwork (will it ever end????). We called home and introduced the little kids to all the big kids and Grandma. Ethan said Grandma plain as day, several times! It was so cute! He absolutely loves books. He spent a long time stacking up all the books we have and moving his stacks from place to place. Reese finally perked up after she had part of a banana and some milk. In the last few hours they have played and explored. It is so amazing to watch them together and think about how much fun they will have growing up together. Today is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and I am so thankful to God for giving us these two precious gifts. Before Grace left she translated all Ethan's medication instructions. Two of them are pills that he takes 1/4 and 1/2 of and they are the tiniest little pills. I have no idea how I am going to give him those and get them cut up. Grace said to just crush it and put it in a drink. The problem is I don't know what he will drink good enough to get all the medicine. The 3rd kind is a powder in a packet that he needs 1/4 of. Are you kidding???? So I have to find a way to dump it out, divide it and save the rest. Good grief! We got the kids stripped down to one layer so we could see their true size! Plus Ethan was sweating, literally, sweat dripping down his face! I'll never understand the whole bundling concept. The poor things can't even move! We received some nice gifts from Ethan's orphanage and all of his stuff back that we mailed in care packages. I don't think they ever let him wear the clothes or use the blanket or bear, but the photo album was very worn, so I know he played with it. He will point to our pictures and say mama and baba and he is trying hard to repeat all his sisters' names! Again, it is very adorable! They also sent back all the pictures the girls' drew and the letter we wrote. Reese came to us with a little backpack that had the disposable camera in it, a bottle, and some diapers. They also gave us the most awesome book of pictures of her with dates and captions. It is priceless and I am beyond thankful that they took the time and effort to make it for her. There is a picture of her on the day she arrived. She looks so cute and she's wearing a Spiderman shirt!! Too funny! She reminds me so much of Lindsey Bauer (our friend from China)in her looks and how tiny she is. She likes to be sung to and must not be too concerned about if it sounds good or not because I am no singer and she liked me singing to her. She finally relaxed and fell asleep in my arms. Tim tried to get Ethan to lay down in the bed with him and he threw a tiny little fit, so I traded Reese for Ethan and he fell asleep, too. So, they are napping at the same time and so is daddy! I was really afraid that I would fall in love with one of them more than the other and that I would have to feel guilty and weird about it, but, honestly I can say that they are equally precious and wonderful and I love them both to the moon and back! This journey has been so long and so difficult, but the blessing of today has wiped away any heartache and pain. God has had this special day in His plan and I am in awe of His greatness. I do wish that my big girls could have been here to be with us, but the homecoming on the 18th will be very special and amazing and then our new normal can begin. I am looking forward to watching these two kiddos bond with us and eachother. God has answered so many prayers and we are so grateful for the number of prayers that were lifted up on our behalf... what a testimony we have!
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  1. I'm wiping away happy tears! :) I've been praying that this moment would go smoothly- God provides. Nothing like giggling while in the middle of a cry (thanks for the plug!!). And, Kristen, you looked beautiful- good hair & clothes choice! ;)
    Love you guys.

  2. So happy for your completed family!! You are blessed!

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to following along with the rest of the journey.