Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kisses and No Poop For Yue

We have seen some pure sweetness today!  Ethan has learned to give everyone kisses on command and it is so cute!  Reese likes to blow kisses and does it every time we leave somewhere.  I think it is so neat that her nannies taught her to do that.

Grace didn’t get our message about the zoo, so we didn’t have a driver.  It turned out to be great, though, because we walked down to the Confucious Temple area and that’s where we found some good shopping!  It reminded us of our trip with Reagan when we stayed at the White Swan Hotel and had all that great shopping right there along the street.  We bought lots of gifts and enjoyed bartering a little bit on prices.  The kids did well.  It was a fun couple of hours. 

We started packing, took naps, and hung out in the room until dinner time.  We decided to take the kids to Pizza Hut for spaghetti.  They both liked it, but Reese didn’t eat much of the meat it in, so Ethan finished that off for her!  I had lasagna, which was so delicious and Tim got a steak.  This Pizza Hut is pretty fancy and has a lot of stuff besides pizza.  All the waiters and waitresses speak really good English, too, so it isn’t hard to order.  The kids, especially Ethan, got really messy eating and based on some of the looks we were getting, that might be frowned upon in China.  I guess it’s okay to let your kids pee and poop on the sidewalk, but don’t get messy with spaghetti! 


Speaking of poop… Reese is still having trouble.  She went that one time and that’s it.  We have been giving her the tea with every meal and she guzzles it down, but still can’t seem to push anything out.  And it is not for lack of trying.  The poor little thing struggles and grunts and cries.  We are going to have to figure something out.  I know she is miserable.


They both seem to have slowed down with their eating and are stopping when they are full.  I think this is a good sign that they know they are going to eat regular meals.  I know they both did in their orphanages, but I think it is different when there are all these choices and they are not sure about us at first. 


We are going to go back to the shops we went to yesterday and get a few more things.  We have heard from our friend that shopping is better here than GZ, so we don’t want to regret not buying more gifts.  We are so excited to give our friends and family all these special treasures! 


When we were getting packed up and going through all the paperwork, we discovered that Ethan also got a memory book from his orphanage.  There are some adorable pictures!  We are so thankful!  Everything is written in Chinese, but we can get it translated when we get home. 


We are ready to move on to the next hotel.  It is difficult to be stuck in the same place with all of us and all of our stuff for so long.  There is something to be said for space!  I am anxious to see how they act at home when they are free to roam around and play.  I am also curious how they will react to carseats!  We have some many new things to expose them to, it is very exciting that this new chapter in their lives is underway!  Tim asked me how I thought they would act at church.  Probably naughty!  And who knows how they will act at Bright Beginnings!  So many adventures are yet to come! 



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