Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ethan's Moving

We were informed Friday that Ethan is being moved to Beijing. Two months ago that is exactly what we wanted so Half the Sky could be in charge of his care. It is absolutely infuriating that it has taken this long. GW has consulted with another cardiologist who believes the same thing Dr. Tong does. We heard every scenerio of what could go wrong if we travel with him before his pacemaker surgery. It is very scary and we do want to make sure we are putting his needs first and not just thinking about how badly we want him home. I am so frustrated that I got my hopes up on Tuesday. I dove into the packing and preparing because I really thought we were headed to China very soon. I don't know how much more of this we can take. Our prayer is that we can still leave on Thursday and that we will be there with Ethan for his surgery and can bring him home in a timely manner. Delays will come if it takes the doctors in Beijing a long time to evaluate him and come up with a plan. Please pray that everyone involved will work efficiently without making mistakes. Our family has been blessed in ways only God could have orchestrated this week. We will share all the details when our journey to Ethan is over and we have him home safe and sound. Our financial miracle has come also and we will definitely want to tell the story when the time is right. God is so good all of the time. We are experiencing blessings that wouldn't have been possible if we weren't allowed to go through the storm we have been in. God's plan is perfect! I am so thankful for the way He is working in our lives and the lives of people in our community. Ryleigh had her birthday party last night. She has such awesome friends. I am very thankful that she has surrounded herself with Godly girls. It's been fun to watch this group of kids grow up! They had stayed up most of the night and had a lot of fun. We survived and so did the basement, so I guess we can chalk it up to another successful party! So many things are going on and I can't seem to keep focused on things to blog about. We love hearing about how our family is impacting others. Please share if you feel like Ethan has changed you! Someday we will be able to tell him all about it!


  1. I hadn't checked in awhile on your blog. I had been contacted by multiple people (more than 5) asking me to offer help, and I did through people who know you and through people associated with an orphan care initiative where I was told you all pleaded for help.

    Anyway, I figured I'd quit offering when it was apparent you all had the support you needed, and I in all honesty hadn't checked your blog in a long while b/c it made me livid every time I read the updates and thought of this little boy suffering over there for NO REASON other than darkness and a spiritual battle that is unseen.

    I am glad to read these updates. I really hope China does the right thing and allows Ethan to come home.

    I pray God's plan prevails, and I believe b/c of His promises that He plans good for Ethan and a future and a hope. And I pray with all of my heart that is with your family here in the US with a healthy and healed heart.

  2. So encouraged when I read your blog posts. I don't know you haven't cracked under all the pressure you must be under. I am so glad to hear you saying that you had to go through the storms to appreciate the blessings. I am also glad to hear you voicing as publicly as you can how you have been treated by Great Wall. Most people think adoptions are all hearts and rainbows but an agency that will stick by you when things get tough is a good agency. Having used GW, and having a difficult adoption, I feel your pain. Somehow they always find a way to gloss things over like they will solve it but you still feel like they don't really care. God will get this little boy and your family through this and maybe people will see which agencies not to use and others won't have to suffer like your family has. You will be in my prayers!!!