Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessing!

Got a pleasant surprise this morning... our update on Reese (that was supposed to take weeks to get) was emailed to us today!  We got our questions answered (very general, of course) and got 4 pictures.  It's so nice to see her cute smile!  The bummer part is that the 4 pictures are all obviously taken one right after the other.  If you scroll through them quickly it's like a little movie!  She is the most animated I have ever seen a child in an orphanage be, which makes me feel like she is a happy and possibly ornery little thing!  She weighs about 20 pounds, which is less than what I was figuring!  It looks like they have shaved her head at some point and that just stinks because her hair in our first photos of her looked so nice and thick.  I guess we have a lifetime ahead of us for her to have beautiful hair like her sister, Reagan. 

We are getting ready to go to drop the girls off at my parents so Tim and I can celebrate my birthday on a date!  That's something that has not happened for quite some time!  I was super sick with the stomach flu on Saturday and Sunday, so I feel like I am so behind with everything, it's overwhelming.  This is not a good time of year to feel that way! 

We have a lot going on and it is all being overshadowed by the fact that I just want to leave it all and go to China to get my babies.  Praying we can leave on December 27th.  Pretty much we have been told that won't happen but I know my God can move any mountain.  I believe in His timing and His plan now more than ever.  And I know He knows my heart better than anyone and what my desires are.  He has brought us through so much and blessed us with our precious baby girl and given Ethan the medical treatment he needed to get him healthy and strong for us to bring home.  There's nothing I can be more thankful for this year than that!  No Christmas gift will top the moment I have both Ethan and Reese in my arms!  And then the moment I have all 6 of my kids home together will be such a blessing! 

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