Monday, November 5, 2012

Ethan update, including pictures!

Today has been a great day for both adoptions!  We received our PA (pre-approval) for Reese.  Which just means that China has agreed to review our paperwork to be officially matched with her.  The next piece in that puzzle is getting our LSC (letter seeking confirmation).  This is the document that took 122 days for Ethan's adoption.  However, we are not expecting it will take long for Reese because we have been logged in for so long for her and it is supposed to be quicker in those cases.  We are praying that China is agreeing to expedite her adoption and that we will get the LSC very soon.  Then we can file all the American paperwork.  And we can post her picture, too, after we get the LSC!

We also received an update on Ethan from Half the Sky and three pictures!  He was moved to the China Care Home in Beijing on November 1st and is doing great!  He needs one more check-up with the doctor in Beijing and then he will be cleared to travel.  They will take him back to the orphanage where he will wait for us.  He has been through so much and we just want to give him all the love and care he deserves.  What an amazing and strong little boy he is! 


  1. We are a 2007 family who brought home our daughter about 3 months ago. We received our LOA 2 weeks after PA this past spring. Hopefully you will have the same blessing!

  2. Oh, he is just too adorable! Look at that last picture! He is going to be a charmer!

    I am SO EXCITED AND SO THANKFUL to come on today and read all of these updates!!! I just kept praying that the reason you had to leave Ethan was so you could bring your baby girl home too.

    Also, I wondered if it was also God's protection over him as well. It is so hard to trust though, and you all have done that with such determination to cling to God and seek His will. He must be thinking well done.

    I can't wait to see them both in your arms, and a Christmas celebration in China sounds great! I pray you are able to go very soon. I hope the US side will move your papers along quickly too. I am sure you have asked, and I'll be praying they have mercy on your babies and get you there as quickly as possible from this point.

    CONGRATS x 2!!!!!!!