Monday, September 17, 2012

A Letter to Ethan and a VIDEO!

Dear Ethan,

Today I watched a video of you.  It is the first time I have heard your voice and seen you move.  I saw you smile and act a little bit stubborn!  I cried when I saw you reach up to a nurse to be held, because I want to hold you so badly.  I said a prayer of thankfulness for the ladies who were telling you "mama" and "baba" and pointing to the photo album that we sent you so many months ago.  I was so relieved to see your sweet face.  You are such a handsome boy!  I am so proud of you for fighting so hard to get better.  I thought you were going to throw the apple they gave you like a baseball and I thought about how someday you will be in the yard playing catch with your daddy.  Who knew eating a banana could be so adorable?!  You were so cute when they gave you an Angry Bird balloon!  I loved watching your sisters see you and listen to them talk about how spoiled you are going to be.  You are so loved, precious boy, and we are doing everything we can to get back to China to bring you home safely.  God is with you, I hope you can feel Him.  He is with all of us and He has big plans for you.  I love you, little man.  It is an honor to be your mommy. 

                                                 Love, Mommy


Ethan is back in the hospital.  We got a call last night from Kelly at Ladybugs N Love (they were trying to get Ethan's a birthday cake to him) and she said that the orphanage told her contact in China that he was sent back to the hospital.  Long story short, GW confirmed that for us today.  Apparently he never stayed at the orphanage because they can't monitor his heart and give him his medicine. So he is back at the local hospital.  We are trying to plead the case that he should go to Beijing to the China Care Home and have his pacemaker implanted so he can recover and come home.  We have an appointment with our pediatrician on Thursday to get his opinion and share all of Ethan's records.  Hopefully this will help to bring him home quicker.  The video they sent melted my heart and made me feel even more desperate to bring him home. 


We received more good news from GW that they will be willing to help our family with some of the travel expenses.  FINALLY, we are gaining a little respect back.  This whole situation has been such a nightmare and I feel like we are slowly waking up and finding the good in people again.  I feel like I can talk to Kim at GW now and she realizes that everything we have said and done has been because we want our son home.  I am a mama bear without my baby!  I am amazed at how many people want to help and we are definitely at a point where we have to accept help! 


Still no file yet on the little girl that might be Reese.  We know very little and are trying so hard not to get our hopes up.  We want to make certain that this is God's plan for us and not just us being impatient.  We are excited to learn more and see what God has in store! 

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