Friday, July 6, 2012

If You Think My Hands are Full, You Should See My Heart!

Okay, I totally stole the title from someone else's blog, but I couldn't help it!  So true, that being a mommy to four, almost five, kids is a handful... but God gave me enough love in my heart for the job! 

I am officially starting the packing process, even though, I believe that my husband thinks I am crazy.  I just don't want to wait until the last minute.  The time of year that we are traveling is one of the busiest times for us (the beginning of school)and I want to be able to spend time at work getting things ready for a new school year.  So, I have picked out all of Ethan's clothes and shoes.  I am going to get it all washed and put into ziplock baggies for easy packing.  I went through toys and picked out the ones I thought would be the best for bonding and playing together.  We found some sunglasses and a hat in case the sun shines through the smog, plus it adds to the cute factor!  We have started collecting the other items on the list that are not so fun, like medicines, travel size toiletries, etc.  It is nice that we are going during shorts weather and not winter like last time, it is much easier to pack summer clothes and so glad we don't have to take winter coats, hats, gloves, etc. 

Lots of our Facebook DTC friends are in China now and it is so exciting to read their blogs!  It is so addicting to follow different people's journeys and amazing to read the stories of how the Lord works out every detail.  There is just something so awesome about the bond you can make with families you have never met, yet you can share your worries, fears, blessings, etc. and you just know there's so many others that know exactly what you mean!  We have connected with some of the families that will travel at the same time and cannot wait to meet them in person and see all the kids, too!

With all the excitement in the adoption community lately, I foget that there are people out there that do not treasure children.  We spent several hours last night trying to chat back and forth on facebook with someone related to us that is going to have an abortion as soon as she gets the money and can get to the nearest city to get it done.  It is honestly the first time I have had the chance to express my heart about this subject.  I called a dear friend who works at the Pregnancy Support Center for advice and was thankful she gave me some things to say and some things to avoid saying.  I feel like we did our best, but this person is just completely lost and doesn't even consider this child a human life.  She claims she would NEVER put it up for adoption because that would be abandonment and that is not what her choice is.  I was so upset and angry just thinking that so many people are trying to raise money to adopt a child, to make one less orphan in the world and then there are people saving up money to pay to kill their baby.  We really do live in a fallen world.  I am praying that someone will intervene and talk this person out of this decision.  She blocked us from sending her anymore messages, which is fine because I feel like we said everything we had to say, and I really don't think I want to read the post about her "terminating" as she puts it.  My views have been tested and I feel like God has given me the right answers and the courage it took to confront the situation.  Praying also that I can raise my children to value human life and never, ever, ever, in a million years ever think that abortion is anything but murdering an innocent life.  So many people would give so much to love a baby and would adopt in a heartbeat any child that they could.  Our culture is so self-centered and all about what makes ME happy, not what God wants.  There's such a burden in my heart to change this!  I will never forget Ryan Baumberger at the Summit who was the child of a rape victim and all he talked about on this subject.  He was so inspirational. 

We had an pretty uneventful 4th of July this year, too dry to do fireworks, which was fine with me!  We went out to Tim's grandma's and had a good time.  Here are some pictures...

Hopefully that was the last holiday that Ethan wasn't with us!  Can't wait to celebrate him being an American boy! 

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