Monday, July 23, 2012


There are many reasons people choose to be involved in adoption. I don't mean just adopting a child, rather getting involved by actively praying for adoptive families, giving financially to adoptive families or adoption ministries, advocating for orphans, etc. I believe James 1:27 is for everyone, as I have mentioned before! I love when people want to be involved with Ethan's story. Our family feels so blessed to have the support of family members, friends, church, co-workers, other adoptive parents, and even some strangers! We have raised about $4500 in various fundraisers because of so many wonderful people! Praise God! We are very thankful for each and every dollar that has been given. Because Ethan's adoption is going to total about $31,000, we have applied for several grants and two different loans. We have been denied 2 of the grants already, due to a lack of funds in these various organizations. We are praying that we receive good news soon from the other places we have applied. We did get chosen to be featured on the Give1Save1-Asia site! We heard about this opportunity from some friends of ours, The Belotes, who were featured there also. We are the first family on the new Asia site that was just launched today! We feel this is an answer to prayer, as it is one more way to raise money and awareness about adoption. Please consider giving, even $1 helps! Thanks! We know some people do not understand our constant asking for money. Some have the mentality that if you can't afford it, don't adopt. If you feel this way, please just go ahead and stop reading this blog. We do not need any more criticism, judgement, or negativity! Take your closemindedness and go on your way! I can think of a lot of people who could afford it, but shouldn't adopt! I know that it was our choice to adopt and we are responsible for all aspects of it, including the money. I think it is a good lesson to share with others that as a society we waste a lot of money every day. We overspend and foolishly spend as Americans. All we are asking is for each individual that hears our story to stop for a moment and think about the plight of orphans. Giving a little bit (not even enough to hurt)to us, or any other adoptive family who has limited financial means, should hopefully make you pause and think about the orphan whose life is about to change. We want Ethan's testimony to start with the way God provided the finances to bring him home. We love to tell stories of how generous people are and how the money really does come in just when you need it. So many families tell us that they would adopt if it wasn't so expensive. I say go for it, and watch God work it out. In the future I want to tell people about how amazing the Give1Save1 site was for us! We do not like asking for money. I feel uncomfortable, intimidated, and down right guilty for asking people to donate to us. But I do feel like God will provide for us when we humble ourselves and let Him work through people. He doesn't want us to be alone in our journey to Ethan. He has laid it on many hearts and many people have answered the call. Maybe there is someone out there that has thought they might want to do something but didn't know how. If this is you, please consider going to the Give1Save1 site and donating to us. Be an active part of James 1:27 and help us reduce the debt that we will accumulate in the next month. Thank you!

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