Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

Isabella setting up to play "Headbanz" game!

Ryleigh playing football! We were surprised how much fun all the girls had playing their own "girly" version of football!

Becca chilling out! A rare moment where she was sitting still!

Reagan and daddy hanging out! One of her top teeth really starting growing back in, which makes mommy a little bit sad!

Girls with great-grandaddy!

Well, Spring Break came and went and now we are back to "normal" tomorrow! We had a good trip to Wisconsin to visit my grandad. My mom went with us so we had a full vehicle! The girls were good and found ways to entertain themselves on the 12 hour drive and while we were there. I am amazed at how well Grandad is doing. He is 93 going on 50! It was difficult to be there without grandma. This was the first trip with all of us there since she went to heaven. There were moments that I expected her to walk in any second. I really miss her and so do the girls. Even though Isabella and Becca didn't know her before Alzheimers, they love to hear our stories and they loved the time they did spend with her. We got to meet my cousin, Travis', new baby girl, Lily Pearl and she was precious and a very happy baby!

This is the time of year that begins to get really busy, so I know that our wait to hear from China will go quicker. It's so annoying to not know anything. Back when we waited for Reagan, you got an email every Friday and then each month a group of referrals came out and everyone moved up the list. It was hard to wait, but everything was so predictable. It is exciting to be a part of all the families who are adopting in Lebanon! The His Little Feet concert truly changed hearts and it is a huge blessing to see the ways God works! I think having a support system for the parents and the kids is such an important piece of the adoption world. Our church is full of people committed to living out James 1:27 and even those who aren't adopting are so supportive. In fact the piano player on the praise team had one of our adoption t-shirts on today! How awesome is that?!

We had a work day at church on Saturday and Tim and I got to decorate a new room for a new class for 5th and 6th graders! I am so excited to kick this class off and to work with this age group. I have to say the room looks super cute, too! We are calling it Club 56 and looking forward to helping these tweens with their spiritual walk. Ryleigh is very excited to have a special class for her age group! It will be a change of pace for me to teach this age group after being in the preschool scene for so long!

Speaking of preschool, I am very excited about the changes going on at Bright Beginnings. SHCC's new minister has started and there have been some changes on the Board of Elders. I have had a few meetings and am getting a very positive vibe from these men. We have all agreed to leave the past in the past and move forward because if we all stick to the mission of teaching children about the love of Christ and stay focused, we can do great things. It is sad how many times Satan has gotten a foothold and distracted people. But, I take heart knowing that if we weren't doing such a good job leading people to Christ, strengthening families, and teaching kids, Satan wouldn't have a reason to attack. We have to be in prayer that everyone in leadership will not let the enemy win. God is good and faithful and I am so thankful to have His love, forgiveness, and guidance! I think we have the best staff that we have ever had and our last staff meeting was awesome! I am blessed to work with a fantastic group of women who love God and see Bright Beginnings as a wonderful ministry, not just a job! Plus, we get to work with the best kids who keep us laughing everyday!

I guess I better get to bed, no sleeping in tomorrow!

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