Thursday, March 8, 2012

Log-in Anniversary

Thought I should add some pictures since it has been awhile and the girls are all growing up so quickly!

At Bright Beginnings' Fancy Schmancy Dancy! Becca's first time ever having her hair curled!

Toothless wonder!

Ethan's space mural!

Well, today marks the 5 year anniversary of our paperwork for Reese getting logged in at the CCAA, now known as the CCCWA. A lot has changed in 5 years, but one thing hasn't... I can't wait to bring this little girl home. We don't know who she is, what part of China she will come from, but we have been dreaming and praying for her for so long! Who knew that she would have 2 sisters from Latvia and a brother from China?

We "opened" our t-shirt fundraiser store this week and have already had some family and friends purchase adoption-themed t-shirts in support of Ethan's adoption! Thanks so much! I think the shirts are all super cute and spread a great message! This fundraiser was something our girls, especially Ryleigh, wanted to do to help raise the money to donate to Ethan's orphanage.

Had to stay home with Ryleigh today, she has strep and a terrible cough. Weird to be away from work, but glad I got to take care of her. And in her weakened condition I actually beat her at the card game, Spit!

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