Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Week Anniversary!

Well, we have survived our first week, and obviously I have not had much computer time! There has been a lot of getting the girls settled, spending time as a family, and unpacking. Becca and Isabella are doing well, they love their rooms and are very excited at each new sight, smell, and experience. It reminds me of a toddler that has learned to walk and talk and wants to touch and get into everything! They are both eager to help, which is great, but it also means we have to explain things like, you don't push the button that starts the conveyer belt at Wal-Mart and you can't just push buttons on the tv remote (they managed to order 3 movies from Dish on Demand that cost $15 and we have no interest in watching).

They took the English Language test on Wednesday and met their classes and teachers. You could feel the excitement from the students at the chance to see and talk to the girls in person. Becca got to go to P.E. and LOVED it! Isabella got to go to Art class, but she was really to shy to participate. The kids asked her a million questions, especially the boys, but she stayed pretty quiet most of the time. We went and bought all their school supplies yesterday and that was really fun! I love shopping for school supplies during the Back to School time and it was just as fun doing it with two girls who have never had that experience! It really makes you realize that it is definitely the little things in life that can make you happy! Both girls got haircuts yesterday and Isabella really liked when Brittany put lots of curls all over after she cut it. Becca just couldn't wait to put her ponytail back in!

Becca thinks that living in America is all about documents. I have had to fill out paperwork for the eye doctor, insurance, school, and more adoption stuff. She is so funny with her English, she picks up on words easily and uses them in context, but then later she will say "What is this_________?" Like, the word, "nevermind". She was using it a lot, but then last night in the car, she said "I like "nevermind" but I no understand it!" That was kind of a hard one to translate! She can't remember Ooach Coplings name, but she loves to say "P.E. teacher". She says "I like that word"! She has picked through the clothes in her closet and only agreed to wear a few things that aren't too beautiful, too tight, too flared in the legs, etc. She shows the most attitude when she doesn't get her way or loses at something, but we are working on that!

Isabella is opposite of Becca in so many ways. She rarely tries to say new things in English, did not try her best on the English test, and loves beautiful things. She gladly takes any item of clothing that Becca doesn't want and puts it in her closet. She still LOVES the Jonas Brothers and has spent a lot of time watching their videos. At night she leaves her closet light on and opens the door just right to where is shines on her poster of the Jonas Brothers. I guess that gives her sweet dreams! Her attitude really came out at church Wednesday night and it was the first time I really had to be stern with her. I think I made my point and she knew I was serious and straightened up immediately. I hope that her confidence will build and she will have the desire to do her best.

Ryleigh and Reagan are doing well. They still argue like always, but have welcomed their new sisters with open arms. Right now it still feels like one big slumber party so we are enjoying this "honeymoon" phase while we prepare for the challenges that are still to come. We suprsisingly got up and around on time every day this past week!

I am anxious to get back to work on Monday, I have really missed the kids and my co-workers and just doing my jobs. I appreciate all the ways people have stepped in to help keep things running smoothly while I have been away! What a blessing!

Well, the kids are starting to wake up now, so I probably should sign off and think about fixing breakfast! Thanks for continuing to follow along on our journey!

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  1. Kristen,
    Glad things are going well!! I will pray that the transition will continue to go smoothly in the weeks and months to come! So happy for you all! Love ya!