Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blog Kick-Off!

Well, we chose this name several months ago, with the intention of starting to document our journey to Latvia with the paperwork stage, but...
that didn't happen! So, since we have given this blog address out to several people in our Christmas card, we figured we better get started!
We wanted to start a new blog to help keep our friends and family updated on our adoption of Agnese and Daniela. We finished our paperwork with only a few bumps along the way (courtesy of our homestudy agency that we will no longer be recommending) and mailed it to Latvia on my birthday, November 20th! The only thing we have heard from our agency is that they have not heard anything yet and our person in Latvia is on vacation until January. BUMMER! It would have been such an awesome Christmas gift to hear that we have been approved by the Latvian government to be adoptive parents. It is so, so, so much faster than China, but nevertheless, it is so hard to be patient. We still hope that we will hear something soon and be able to travel in January. I am beyond ready to see the girls again and be able to hug them and see how much they have grown in the last few months. We are both worried that we could possibly be gone on Reagan's birthday, which would be difficult and sad for us. We will keep praying and try to give it all over to God and let Him work it all out, since He does have a knack for that!

We are ready for Christmas and hope for snow, but not so much that we can't make the Christmas day rounds to both sides of the family.

Ryleigh's basketball team won second place tonight in their basketball league at the Courts! They have some so far together as a team and I am proud of Ryleigh for all the ways she has improved. I love being a basketball mom! Tim has been pretty vocal at the games lately, too! We are probably going to get the reputation of "most obnoxious fans"!

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