Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom and Isabella showing how we cheer for the soccer girls!
Our three soccer stars!

My good intentions of being a regular blogger have obviously not panned out! There is really so much to say and so little time to say it! Our family is doing great. There are still little challenges that come up, but so far we have figured out solutions that have kept things on track and the kids are all learning to give each other patience and grace. Here's a recap of what each of our girls has been up to: Isabella: Has informed us she likes a boy in her class! YIKES, that didn't take long! She loves school and is disappointed when the weekend is here. She is very self-conscious about some of her skin issues, especially the dark spots on her legs and will rarely wear shorts. She loves to dress up for church, but won't wear church clothes to school. She will start piano lessons tomorrow and she is very excited. She is a huge fan of all 3 of her sisters soccer games and it is cute how she cheers from them! She is a wonderful helper with everything you ask her to do and really likes to work outside and sweep/mop floors! Her reading is getting much better and she uses English most of the time now. She is so good with Reagan and they really have a lot of fun coloring together and playing outside. She is very motherly with Reagan and it is nice to see the bond they have. Becca: Is still going 90 miles an hour in anything she does! She is playing soccer and seems to be really good, her speed helps! She almost scored a couple of times in her first game! She likes school, and is doing well. Her reading is really improving and she is even reading a chapter book in English now! She doesn't care as much as Isabella about her school work, but she is doing well. Becca and Ryleigh have had some pretty big conflicts, but they are working on using their words and staying calm. I tried to tell Becca that she needs to not walk away when she is mad, but she needs to talk to Ryleigh about what is bothering her. I know it is hard for her to understand Ryleigh and her moodiness! She has picked up some phrases that she actually says wrong and it is pretty fun... instead of "holy cow" she says, "only cow" and instead of "whatever" she says "forever". She asked me yesterday why I didn't adopt her when she was little like I did Reagan. It broke my heart. I never thought about her thinking about that. I am so thankful that she is verbalizing her questions and I am praying that I can provide answers that help her deal with her anger, hurt, and confusion. Ryleigh: Doesn't always like her new sisters. She is still struggling with all the changes. It has been a hard few months on her and it is taking a lot of patience to help her through her struggles. I had a nice long talk with her last night and tried to explain things to her. She doesn't really understand all that the big girls have been through and how lucky she is to be able to make a difference in their lives by loving them and being a good sister to them. I know she has it in her to be more loving and caring, so I am praying for her to open her heart. She is also playing soccer and she was a star in her first game! I was so proud of her for hustling and getting in there! She really likes it and I am so glad she decided to play again. The MAP test has been going well for her, she hasn't been too stressed out her too distracted by all the hoopla that goes along with the wonderful standardized testing 3rd graders do. Reagan: is still the most happy-go-lucky of them all! She is excited that kindergarten in just around the corner! She is such a funny little girl and she really keeps us all laughing. Isabella is constantly saying "silly Reagan" and it's so cute! Reagan is playing soccer, too, and she scored a goal in the first game yesterday! She had all 3 sisters and mommy cheering so loud and she grinned from ear to ear. However, when the coach moved her to goalie, she spent most of the time playing in the dirt! Mommy and Daddy: are pretty exhausted most of the time! Tim misses all the soccer games on Mondays, since he teaches at Drury, so I am left to be super soccer mom on my own! I may have to ask for help when the games are at the same times. There has been a lot of doom and gloom talk with the school's budget, so it looks like Tim will not be teaching summer school (bye-bye $3300) or getting all of his career ladder money (bye-bye $5,000). Plus, insurance will certainly go up, so we are probably looking at making about $10,000 less next year. It sure would be nice of the politicians who make these choices would cut back their own salaries and spending. I know that God will provide for us and we will be fine. Bright Beginnings is going to try to fill the summer school void by offering some new programs this summer and I am excited about it. I will be teaching elementary summer school and some of our pre-k graduates from last year will be attending! Also, we will be opening up the daycare to elementary kids, too. It's going to be a lot of work getting everything lined out, but I really feel God's hands in this and I keep thinking about how many lives we can touch by expanding. I really think it is the church's duty to minister to children and families and this is such a great opportunity to show that when the government fails us, God is there! We have to lean on Him in all things because He is the one in control. Thank you, Jesus! We are still waiting to hear when trip #2 to Latvia is and who will have to go. Please continue to pray that the girls will not have to go. It is so expensive to buy those 2 extra tickets and it just seems ridiculous for them to make such a whirlwind trip. I really just want to get all the paperwork and formalities done so we can move on with our lives. I want the girls to be at peace with their future and know that they are Tuckers with no chance of that changing!

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